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                                                                                Jerry Becker & Associates 303-933-0900
                     We Can Find You A Home and Set You Up With This Loan
                                                  See how a recent client saved $8,597 
·         30 Year Fixed Rate  -  No balloon or call option, no rate adjustments

·        Below Market Interest Rates  -  Rates are quoted daily, except weekends, and are always slightly 
       below market rates.

 ·        No Money Down  -  You can borrow the entire amount of the purchase price.  No down payment

·         No Mortgage Insurance  -  If you put less than 20% down, you don’t have to pay for private 
      mortgage insurance.
This could add ¼ to ½ of a percent to the quoted rate on a standard loan. 

·         Minimal Closing Cost  -   The normal closing costs are waived.  You just pay the normal 

·       Buy The Interest Rate Down At Closing -   You can buy the interest rate down ¼% for each point 
     you pay, many
sellers are willing to pay 1 to 3 points towards closing costs and this could be applied
     to buying your interest rate down an additional  1/4% to 3/4% below your locked in rate.
·        Roll The Cost Of Most Cosmetic Repairs Into The Loan  -  If a home needs some work you can add
      the cost of many items
into your loan, as long as you don’t exceed your qualified amount. This
      is a great option for buying HUD homes.

·         Maximum Loan Amount of $406,250

·         Not Limited To First Time Home Buyers
·        Don’t Have To Have Perfect Credit  - The loan is character based, not credit based. If you lost your 
     home because of a
catastrophic medical condition or if you were the victim of a bad loan, you  
     may still get approved, and not have to 
wait years for your credit to clear up. You just have to 
     show why you are a good credit risk and not have any late pays for the last 12 months.
This loan has been around for over a decade, however, it’s new to Colorado.  It isn’t a temporary loan program tied to government stimulus or home loan rescue that will expire by a certain date, but the process does take a few months. The sooner you contact Jerry at or phone the office at 303-933-0900 the sooner you can get started.
·         You don’t have to be a first time home buyer to use this loan; however, you can’t own another
      property.  If you’re
selling one to buy another, then that’s allowed. This loan can't be used to
      refinance your existing loan.

·         You and all members of your household must register to vote, if you aren’t already.

·         You must continue to live in the home.  If you move out, you have to get another loan on the

·         You must prove that you can budget and handle mortgage payments if they are higher than
      your current cost to rent.

·         Your inspection must be reviewed by the lender.  Depending on the items in that inspection,
      the lender may require
some of them to be repaired prior to closing.  These can be paid for by
      the seller or the buyer.
Jerry can save you thousands on the purchase of your next home. Contact him today at 303-933-0900 or by email at
We guarantee that your information will not be shared or sold to an outside party. All information given will be kept confidential.

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Jerry Becker & Associates - Metro Brokers
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